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'Round Midnight Realbk1364
'S Matter JazzLTD317
12-4 2-4/Duplicities Realbk1128
12th Street Rag JazzFake 401
317 E. 32nd St JazzLTD352
34 Skidoo EvansBk73
 NewReal3 385
502 Blues Realbk1153
52nd Street Theme RealBk293
720 In The Books JazzLTD339
9:20 Special JazzFake 275
AC-DC Current JazzFake 35
ASA NewReal2 9
Ablution RealBk21
Across The Alley From The Alamo JazzFake 34
Actual Proof NewReal3 1
Adams Apple JazzLTD2
Aerie (The) NewReal3 3
Affirmation NewReal11
Afreaka JazzLTD3
Africa Colorado13
Africaine JazzLTD18
African Flower Realbk18
Afro Blue Realbk19
Afro-Centric NewReal2 1
After Fact JazzLTD17
After Hours JazzFake 32
After The Rain NewReal2 3
After You RealBk31
After You've Gone JazzFake 33
 NewReal2 5
Afternoon In Paris Colorado14
 JazzFake 35
Ah-Leu-Cha JazzFake 36
Ah-leu-cha JazzLTD10
Ain't It The Truth JazzLTD4
Ain't Misbehavin NewReal2 6
Ain't Misbehavin' JazzFake 36
Ain't That Peculiar NewReal3 5
Air Conditioning JazzLTD6
 Library 8
Air Mail Special JazzFake 38
Airegin JazzFake 37
 Library 147
Airmail Special RealBk23
Aisha JazzLTD5
Aja's Theme NewReal3 10
Alanjuneally RealBk36
Alfie Realbk1A1
Alfie's Theme RealBk24
Algo Bueno (Woody'n You) Colorado271
Algo Bueno Library 1
Alice In Wonderland Realbk112
All About Ronnie JazzFake 8
All Alone RealBk25
All Blues Colorado15
 JazzFake 39
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm RealBk26
All In Love Is Fair Realbk114
All Members JazzLTD6
All My Tomorrows Realbk115
All Of Me JazzFake 39
All Of You JazzFake 39
All Or Nothing At Al RealBk34
All Or Nothing At All JazzFake 41
All The Things You Are Colorado16
 JazzFake 40
All Too Soon JazzLTD7
All You Were To Us Colorado17
Almost Like Being In Love JazzLTD8
 NewReal3 12
Alone Together Colorado18
Along Came Betty Colorado19
 JazzFake 43
 NewReal2 7
Alright Okay You Win JazzFake 42
Altoitis RealBk27
Always And Forever RealBk38
Always There NewReal15
Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) JazzFake 43
Amazing Grace JazzFake 44
American Gothic NewReal3 13
Among My Souvenirs JazzFake 44
Amor Sonador JazzLTD9
An Oscar For Treadwell JazzLTD12
 Library 4
Ana Maria Realbk120
Anamaria NewReal17
And All That jazz JazzFake 46
And It All Goes Round NewReal3 15
And Now The Queen Realbk122
And On The Third Day Realbk123
Angel Eyes Colorado20
 JazzFake 45
Angela RealBk39
Another Hairdo JazzFake 45
Another Kind Of Soul Library 149
Another Star NewReal3 17
Another Time NewReal3 19
Anthropology Colorado2
Anti Climax JazzLTD13
Antigua Colorado22
Apple Core JazzFake 47
Apple Honey JazzFake 48
Appointment In Ghana NewReal3 21
April Head JazzLTD11
April In Paris Realbk126
April Joy Realbk127
April Skids RealBk29
April RealBk210
Aquarius JazzLTD13
Are They Only Dreams JazzLTD14
Aren't You Glad You're You JazzFake 48
Arietas NewReal3 24
Arise Her Eyes Realbk128
Armageddon Realbk130
Armando's Rhumba RealBk310
Around Again Realbk122
Arriving Soon JazzLTD12
As Catch Can JazzFake 49
As Time Goes By Realbk131
Ask Me Now RealBk212
At Last JazzLTD15
Au Privave JazzFake 50
 Library 1
Aura NewReal3 212
Autumn In 3 RealBk312
Autumn In New York Realbk133
Autumn Leaves Colorado23
 JazzFake 50
Autumn Liebs JazzLTD16
Autumn Nocturne RealBk313
Autumn Serenade NewReal3 27
Avalon Place RealBk314
Avalon Colorado25
Avance NewReal2 11
Ay Arriba! Realbk134
Azule Serape JazzLTD16
B Minor Waltz EvansBk2
B-Sting NewReal3 29
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are RealBk220
Baby Breeze JazzLTD19
Baby Come To Me NewReal3 33
Baby I Love You NewReal113
Baby It's Cold Outside NewReal2 13
Baby Steps Colorado26
Baby JazzFake 50
Back Home Blues Library 21
Back Talk Library 149
Background Music JazzLTD20
Backstage Sally NewReal3 35
Bad Powell RealBk338
Bag's Groove Library 50
Bags And Trane RealBk215
Bags Groove Colorado40
Bags' Groove JazzFake 51
Bags' New Groove JazzFake 51
Baja Bajo NewReal2 15
Bakai JazzLTD22
Ballad (A) JazzFake 52
 Library 19
Ballad For Anita RealBk315
Ballad For Doll(A) NewReal3 38
Ballad For Trane RealBk316
Ballad For Two Musicians NewReal3 39
Ballet Realbk137
Ballin' The Jack JazzFake 53
Band Aid JazzLTD21
 Library 7
Barbados JazzFake 52
 Library 7
Barbara RealBk218
Bark For Barksdale Library 9
Bark for Barsdale JazzLTD18
Basie Eyes Library 29
Basin Street Blues Colorado27
 JazzFake 54
Bass Blues NewReal2 17
Batter Up JazzLTD24
 Library 5
Batterie Realbk138
Baubles Bangles & Beads Colorado28
Be Bop RealBk221
Be My Love RealBk318
Be-Bop JazzFake 54
Bea's Flat JazzLTD23
 Library 8
Beach Wise JazzLTD47
Beach-Wise Library 151
Beatrice Colorado29
Beautiful Friendship (A) JazzFake 53
Beautiful Friendship RealBk317
Beautiful Love NewReal116
Beauty And The Beast NewReal2 20
Beauty And The Blast Realbk140
Beethoven's Blue 3rd RealBk220
Before And After Library 151
Below Zero Colorado30
Bemsha Swing JazzLTD22
Beneath It All Realbk141
Berkshire Blues JazzLTD25
Bernie's Tune JazzFake 55
 Library 11
Bernies Tune Colorado31
Berrie's Tune RealBk324
Besame Mucho Colorado32
Beside Myself RealBk320
Bess You Is My Woman Now RealBk322
Bess You Is My Woman JazzFake 56
Bessie's Blues Colorado33
 NewReal2 21
Best Is Yet To Come (The) JazzFake 56
Best Thing For You Is Me RealBk325
Best Things In Life Are Free (The) JazzFake 57
Better Git It In Your Soul RealBk222
Bewitched JazzFake 58
Beyond All Limits RealBk223
Beyond The Bluebird RealBk327
Bid For(A) JazzLTD1
Big Bear JazzLTD27
Big Ben JazzLTD26
Big Bertha JazzLTD28
Big Nick Realbk144
Big P JazzFake 58
Big Push JazzLTD30
Bill Bailey JazzFake 59
Bill's Belli EvansBk3
Bill's Hit Tune EvansBk4
Billie's Bounce JazzFake 61
 Library 9
Billies Bounce Colorado34
Bills' Hit Tune RealBk2405
Bimini Library 150
Bird Calls JazzLTD28
Bird Feathers JazzFake 59
 Library 10
Bird Food NewReal118
Bird Of Beauty NewReal3 43
Birdland JazzFake 60
Birds Mother JazzLTD31
Birds Of A Feather JazzFake 61
Birk's Works Colorado35
Birth Of The Blues RealBk225
Bisquit Mix Library 152
Bitter Suite In The Ozone Realbk145
Black And Blue NewReal2 22
Black And Tan Fantasy RealBk228
Black Bats and Poles JazzLTD33
Black Coffee NewReal2 23
Black Diamond Realbk146
Black Eyes JazzLTD34
Black Ice NewReal119
Black Monday Realbk1A2
Black Narcissus NewReal121
Black Nile NewReal3 46
Black Orpheus Realbk149
Black JazzLTD32
Blame It On My Youth NewReal122
Blessed Relief Realbk150
Blessing (The) JazzFake 62
Blizzard Of Lies NewReal123
Bloomdido JazzFake 62
 Library 10
Blue 'N Boogie JazzFake 62
Blue A La Mode RealBk232
Blue And Sentimental JazzFake 63
Blue Bossa Colorado36
Blue Champagne) JazzFake 64
Blue Comedy Realbk152
Blue Concept JazzLTD38
Blue Daniel NewReal126
Blue Fable JazzLTD36
Blue Hawk JazzLTD39
Blue Haze JazzFake 65
 Library 153
Blue In Green EvansBk6
 JazzFake 64
Blue Lace JazzLTD37
Blue Monk Colorado34
Blue Moon NewReal3 47
Blue Room Realbk155
Blue Samba JazzLTD39
Blue Seven Library 148
Blue Silver Colorado37
Blue Skies JazzLTD40
Blue Spirits NewReal3 49
Blue Train Realbk158
Blue Trane Colorado33
Blue Tuesday NewReal3 54
Blueberry Hill JazzFake 65
Bluebird Library 21
Blues Backstage RealBk330
Blues By Five Library 148
Blues Connotation NewReal127
Blues For Alice Library 21
 NewReal2 26
Blues For Jan Colorado38
Blues For LJ Colorado39
Blues For Pablo JazzFake 70
Blues For Philly Joe RealBk234
Blues For Willie Colorado38
Blues For Wood RealBk234
Blues For Yna Yna NewReal2 27
Blues In A Closet Colorado40
Blues In A Cold Water Flat Library 153
Blues In The Closet JazzFake 66
 Library 155
Blues In The Night JazzFake 66
Blues Minor Colorado278
Blues On The Corner NewReal128
Blues Peru JazzLTD38
Blues The Most Library 153
Blues Walk Colorado39
Bluesette JazzFake 68
Boardwalk Library 154
Bob Movers Bossa Nova JazzLTD41
Bockhanal JazzLTD24
 Library 11
Body And Soul Colorado41
 JazzFake 67
 NewReal2 29
 NewReal3 55
Bohemia After Dark RealBk2406
Bolivia Colorado42
 NewReal2 31
Bones From Jones JazzLTD29
Bongo Hop JazzLTD47
Boo Boo Be Doop Library 2
Boogie Down NewReal129
Boogie Stop Shuffle RealBk238
Boogie Woogie (The Original) JazzFake 68
Booker's Waltz RealBk239
Boomerang Library 156
Bop Boy RealBk334
Bop City JazzLTD49
 Library 157
Bop Shop RealBk332
Boplicity (Bebop Lives) JazzFake 70
Boplicity Library 13
Born To Be Blue JazzFake 71
Bossa Rokka RealBk336
Boston Marathon Realbk161
Both Sides Of The Coin NewReal135
Bottoms Up JazzLTD35
 Library 12
Bounce Library 22
Bouncin' With Bud NewReal137
Bouncing With Bud Library 13
Boy Next Door RealBk337
Boy What A Night JazzLTD43
Brainville Realbk162
Brazilian Beat RealBk241
Breakfast Wine NewReal139
Breakfast With Joe Library 37
Breakin' Away NewReal141
Breakthrough JazzLTD43
Breeze And 1 (The) JazzFake 72
Brian's Song RealBk242
Bridgitte JazzLTD45
Bright Blues JazzLTD49
 Library 157
Bright Boy RealBk243
Bright Size Life Realbk164
Bright moments RealBk244
Brilliant Corners RealBk245
Broadway Blues Realbk165
Brothers Of The Bottom Row NewReal3 58
Brown Gold Library 15
Brown Skin Girl RealBk246
Brownie Speaks JazzLTD46
Brownout Realbk166
Bruh Slim JazzLTD48
Bu's Delight NewReal3 59
Bud Powell NewReal3 63
Bud's Blues JazzFake 72
 Library 14
Bud's Bubble Library 16
Bud's Idea JazzLTD48
Budo JazzFake 73
 Library 15
Buhaina's Delight JazzLTD50
Bulldog Blues Library 23
Bunko Library 6
Bunny Library 17
Busch-Wacked RealBk341
Buster Rides Again RealBk237
Bustin' Chops Colorado34
Busy B's JazzLTD42
But Beautiful JazzFake 74
But Not For He RealBk250
But Not For Me Colorado45
Butch and Butch JazzLTD51
Butterfly NewReal3 65
Button Up Your Overcoat JazzFake 73
Buzzy JazzFake 74
 Library 17
By Myself RealBk343
Bye Bye Baby RealBk344
Bye Bye Blackbird Colorado46
 JazzFake 75
 NewReal2 35
Bye Bye Blues JazzFake 75
Bye-Ya JazzLTD51
Byrdlike RealBk2407
C Jam Blues RealBk255
C Minor Blues Chase EvansBk7
C.C. Rider JazzFake 78
C.T.A. JazzLTD72
Cady and Carole JazzLTD54
Cafe NewReal2 37
Cairo Library 23
Caldonia JazzFake 76
Call For All Demons Realbk11
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man JazzFake 76
Can't Stop The Wind NewReal3 67
Can't We Be Friends RealBk252
Candy JazzFake 77
Cantaloupe Island Colorado47
Cantelope Island JazzLTD62
Canyon Song Realbk172
Cape Verdean Blues (The) JazzFake 78
Capim NewReal2 39
Captain Ahab Library 158
Captain Marvel Realbk170
Caravan Colorado48
 NewReal3 73
Careful RealBk254
Careless Love RealBk255
Cariba JazzLTD88
Caribbean Cutie Library 159
Carioca JazzFake 9
Carnival EvansBk8
Carolina Moon 80 Cat Walk (The) JazzFake 79
Casa De Luz Library 18
Casa Forte NewReal2 41
Casa de Luz JazzLTD56
Cascades JazzLTD53
Cat JazzLTD55
Catch Me RealBk256
Catch The Wind EvansBk10
Cathy JazzLTD52
Cedar's Blues Colorado49
Celia RealBk346
Centerpiece (Keester Parade) Colorado50
Central Park West NewReal2 43
Ceora Colorado51
 NewReal3 76
Certain Smile (A) RealBk348
Chain Of Fools NewReal145
Chairs And Children NewReal3 77
Chameleon RealBk258
Champ (The) JazzFake 81
Champ(The) Library 25
Change Of Mind NewReal147
Charcoal Blues JazzLTD54
Chariots RealBk349
Charles Christopher Parker JazzLTD63
Charmaine JazzFake 80
Charmed Circle NewReal2 45
Chase The RealBk259
Chase(The) Library 25
Chasin' The Train RealBk262
Chasing The Bird JazzFake 81
Chasing the Bird JazzLTD52
Cheek To Cheek RealBk350
Cheese Cake RealBk260
Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) JazzFake 82
Chega De Saudade NewReal149
Chelsea Bells Realbk176
Chelsea Bridge JazzFake 83
Cherokee (Indian Love Song) JazzFake 83
Cherokee Colorado52
 NewReal2 47
Cheryl JazzFake 84
 Library 18
Cheshire Cat Walk JazzLTD57
Chesney JazzLTD58
Chick's Tune NewReal3 79
Chicken Feathers Realbk179
Chief Crazy Horse JazzLTD59
Child Is Born NewReal2 48
Children Of The Night JazzLTD70
Children's Play Song EvansBk12
Children's Song Realbk180
Chippie Realbk185
Choices NewReal2 49
Choo Choo Ch' Boogie JazzFake 84
Christmas Song (The) JazzFake 85
Christmas Song Colorado279
Chromatic Tune EvansBk11
Chromazone NewReal2 51
Chronic Blues JazzLTD60
Chuckles Library 159
Circle RealBk261
Circling The Blues Library 158
Circular Motion NewReal3 81
Circumstantial JazzLTD61
Cirrus NewReal3 85
Clockwise NewReal2 55
Close As Pages In A Book JazzFake 86
Close Enough For Love RealBk354
Close Your Eyes NewReal3 89
Cohn My Way Library 29
Cold Duck Time NewReal2 56
Colors Of Chloe Realbk182
Come Rain Or Come Shine JazzFake 86
Come Sunday JazzFake 87
Comes Love JazzFake 88
Comin' Down JazzLTD64
Comin' Home Baby RealBk264
Comin' On The Hudson JazzLTD61
Como En Vietnam Realbk186
Compared To What NewReal153
Compensation RealBk355
Comrad Conrad JazzLTD65
Comrade Conrad EvansBk14
Con Alma Colorado53
Conception Realbk190
Cone Pone Library 24
Conference Of The Birds Realbk191
Confessin (That I Love you) RealBk265
Confirmation Colorado54
 JazzFake 88
 Library 20
Connies Bounce JazzLTD67
Consternation JazzLTD69
Contemplation JazzLTD66
Contours Library 26
Cookin' At The Continental JazzLTD64
Cookin' RealBk266
Cool Blues Library 33
Cool Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Library 161
Cool Eyes RealBk356
Cool Green NewReal3 90
Cool Mix Library 27
Cool One (The) JazzLTD68
Cool Library 27
Cooling It Library 163
Coral Colorado74
Corcovado Realbk194
Core (The) RealBk266
Cork "N" Bib RealBk270
Corner Pocket (Until I Met You) Colorado55
Cote D'azur Colorado73
Cottage For Salt (A) JazzFake 90
Cottontail Colorado56
Could It Be You Realbk196
Count Every Star JazzFake 89
Countdown Realbk197
Country Roads Realbk198
Cousin Mary RealBk262
Crazeology Library 163
Crazy Rhythm JazzFake 91
Creek NewReal156
Creepin NewReal3 91
Creepin' In Library 162
Crepuscule With Nellis JazzLTD62
Crescent City JazzLTD71
Crescent Realbk199
Crisis JazzLTD56
Criss Cross Library 164
 NewReal2 57
Criss/Cross RealBk268
Cruising Library 160
Cry Me A River JazzFake 92
Crystal Silence Realbk1100
Crystal NewReal157
Cubano Chant NewReal159
Cunga Black JazzLTD73
Cute JazzFake 91
Cyclic Episode JazzLTD13
Cynthia NewReal3 95
D Minor Mint NewReal3 94
D'Jango Library 38
D.C. Farewell JazzFake 93
Daa Houd Library 30
Daahoud JazzFake 93
Dacapolypso RealBk360
Daddy's Girl Cynthia NewReal3 95
Dahomey Dance JazzLTD74
Dakar JazzLTD75
Dance Cadaverous Colorado57
Dance Of The Infidels Colorado58
Dancing In The Street NewReal3 97
Dancing On The Ceiling Realbk1102
Dandy Line(A) Library 3
Darius Dance NewReal3 99
Darn That Dream Colorado61
 JazzFake 94
Dat Dere JazzLTD77
Day By Day NewReal2 60
Day Dream NewReal3 101
Day In Day Out RealBk362
Day In The Life Of A Fool (A) JazzFake 94
Day In Vienna RealBk271
Day Waves Realbk1106
Days And Nights Waiting Realbk1104
Days Of Wine And Roses Colorado59
De Pois De Amor O'vazio Realbk1110
Dear Lord NewReal2 61
Dear Old Stockholm JazzLTD78
 Library 28
Dearly Beloved Colorado62
 JazzFake 96
Debbie Library 165
Deception JazzLTD79
Decidedly JazzLTD80
Decision RealBk240
Dee Song NewReal2 63
Dee's Dilemma JazzLTD81
Deed I Do JazzFake 96
Deep Purple RealBk272
Deja vu JazzLTD82
Del Sasser JazzLTD83
Delevans NewReal163
Delgado NewReal2 66
Delilah Library 37
Delores Realbk1109
Deltitnu JazzLTD293
Deluge Realbk1116
Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune) JazzFake 97
Desafinado NewReal165
Desert Air Realbk1114
Desert Moonlight JazzLTD84
Desire NewReal167
Detour Ahead NewReal2 68
Devil May Cape NewReal2 69
Dewey Square JazzFake 95
Dexter JazzLTD85
 NewReal3 102
Dexterity Library 35
Diablo's Dance Library 31
Diane RealBk274
Did You Call Her Today JazzLTD87
Didi Library 32
Dienda NewReal3 104
Dig NewReal170
Digits Library 165
Dilemma JazzLTD86
Dimples JazzLTD86
Dinah JazzFake 98
Dindi NewReal171
Displacement EvansBk15
Divertamento NewReal3 105
Dizzy Atmosphere JazzFake 98
 Library 35
Dizzy's Business JazzLTD89
Django JazzFake 100
 NewReal2 71
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me JazzFake 99
Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me NewReal1431
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me RealBk277
Do You Know What It Means (To Miss New Orleans RealBk280
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? JazzFake 100
Doce Presenca NewReal2 73
Doggin' Around Library 166
Dogs In The Wine Shop NewReal2 75
Doin' The Pig Realbk1118
Doin' The Thing Library 169
Doin' The Things JazzLTD90
Dolphin Dance NewReal3 108
Dolphin The Realbk1121
Domingo RealBk276
Domino Biscuit Realbk1123
Don't Argue Library 167
Don't Ask Why NewReal3 109
Don't Be That Way NewReal3 110
Don't Blame Me NewReal3 111
Don't Ever Go Away RealBk367
Don't Explain JazzFake 102
Don't Forget The Poet NewReal2 77
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Colorado64
 JazzFake 102
Don't Go To Strangers NewReal174
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' JazzFake 101
Don't Look Back RealBk368
Don't Take Your Love From Me Colorado63
 JazzFake 104
Donna Lee JazzFake 103
 Library 34
Doodlin JazzLTD91
 Library 167
Doodlin' JazzFake 105
Doors NewReal175
Dot's Groovy Library 39
Double Clutching RealBk370
Double Talk JazzLTD88
Double Up (The) NewReal3 112
Down By The Riverside JazzFake 104
Down For Double Library 168
Down Tempo Library 169
Down JazzLTD92
Doxy Colorado65
 JazzFake 105
 Library 39
Dr. Jeckyll JazzLTD89
Dream Dancing RealBk371
Dreamin NewReal3 113
Drive (The) RealBk281
Duff Library 169
Duke (The) JazzFake 106
 Library 212
Duke The Realbk1127
Duke's Sound Of Love JazzLTD93
Dwellings Colorado66
E.K.'s Blues RealBk292
E.S.P. NewReal190
E.T.A. JazzLTD113
Eager Beaver JazzLTD94
Earl (The) JazzFake 106
Early Autumn JazzFake 108
 Library 36
Early Spring JazzLTD107
 Library 41
Early JazzLTD95
East Coast Outpost Library 171
East Of The Sun JazzFake 107
Easy Living Realbk1129
Easy To Love JazzFake 107
Easy NewReal177
Eb Pob Library 41
Ebony Moonbeams JazzLTD96
Ecaroh JazzFake 108
 NewReal2 81
Ecclusiastics Realbk1131
Eclipse (Henderson) JazzLTD97
Eclipse (Mingus) JazzLTD97
Eclypso RealBk283
Edda Colorado67
Edie McLin Library 171
Eiderdown Realbk1132
Eighth Day (The) JazzLTD99
Eighty One NewReal179
Ein Bein Strauss JazzLTD100
Einbahnstrasse RealBk292
El Gaucho NewReal3 116
El Otono Colorado68
El Toro JazzLTD103
El Yorke Library 172
Elevation JazzLTD100
 Library 42
Eleven Sixty Library 42
Elizete Realbk1136
Ellipsis (Helias) JazzLTD101
Ellipsis (Rivers) JazzLTD102
Elm NewReal181
Elora RealBk284
Elsa JazzFake 109
Elvin Sir Jones JazzLTD103
Emanon Library 45
Embraceable You RealBk285
Emily NewReal3 117
Empathy JazzLTD105
Enchance RealBk286
End Of A Love Affair (The) JazzFake 110
End Of A Love Affair RealBk375
Endangered Species NewReal183
Endlessly RealBk376
Epilogue EvansBk16
Epistrophy Colorado69
Equinox NewReal2 85
Equipoise Realbk1140
Ergo Library 45
Ericloth JazzLTD106
Eronel JazzLTD107
 Library 173
Escapade JazzLTD108
Escher Sketch NewReal2 88
Estate RealBk378
Estimated Time Of Arrival JazzLTD109
Eternal Child NewReal2 95
Eternal Triange JazzLTD114
Eternal Triangle RealBk379
Ev'ry Time We Say Good Bye RealBk380
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye JazzFake 110
Evening In Concert RealBk288
Evergreenish JazzLTD110
Every Now And Then JazzLTD111
Every Time I See You JazzLTD112
Everybody Loves My Baby JazzFake 111
Everything Happens To Me JazzFake 112
Everything I Have Is Yours NewReal3 118
Everything I Love Colorado70
Everything's Coming Up Roses JazzFake 113
Everywhere Library 43
Evidence JazzLTD112
Exactly Like You JazzFake 114
 NewReal2 98
Exercise #3 Realbk1142
Exercise #6 Realbk1143
Exodus JazzLTD115
Expression NewReal2 99
Eye Of The Hurricane RealBk290
Ezz-thetic RealBk291
Fables Of Faubus Realbk1144
Face Dancer JazzLTD118
Failing In Love With Love JazzFake 114
Fair Weather JazzLTD116
Fall With Me NewReal3 119
Fall NewReal193
Falling Grace NewReal2 100
Falling In Love With Love Realbk1148
Family Joy Realbk14
Farkle Flakes JazzLTD129
Farmers Market NewReal194
Fat Lady JazzLTD117
Fat Man (The) Library 209
Father RealBk384
Favela NewReal195
Feather Merchant Library 44
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Realbk1149
Feel Like Makin' Love NewReal196
Feelin' Fine Library 172
Feelings And Things Realbk1150
Feels So Good RealBk294
Felicidade(A) JazzFake 31
Fell Like Makin' Love RealBk386
Festive Minor JazzFake 117
Fever JazzFake 115
Fields We Know(The) Realbk1151
Fiesta In Blue JazzFake 116
Fifty Second Street Theme Library 13
Figure 8 Library 44
Filthy Mcnasty NewReal2 101
Fine And Dandy JazzLTD119
Fine And Mellow JazzFake 118
Fine Romance (A) JazzFake 117
Fine Romance Realbk13
Fingers Colorado71
Fire NewReal197
First Light NewReal198
First Moves RealBk296
First Trip RealBk297
Five Brothers Library 47
Five Hundred Miles High NewReal2 103
Five Spot After Dark RealBk2104
Five EvansBk17
Five-Four Thing JazzLTD121
Flags Realbk1156
Flamingo JazzLTD122
 NewReal2 105
Flash Library 49
Flim Flam RealBk299
Flintstone's Theme RealBk2100
Flintstones Colorado72
Florences Fantasy JazzLTD123
Flower Is A Lonesome Thing (A) RealBk2101
Flowers For A Lady JazzLTD124
Flugelin' The Blues Colorado73
Fly By Night RealBk2102
Fly Me To The Moon JazzFake 119
 NewReal2 106
Flying Home JazzFake 120
Foggy Day (A) JazzFake 120
Foggy Day Realbk16
Follow Your Heart Realbk1154
Fool That I Am JazzFake 121
Foolkiller NewReal199
Fools Rush In RealBk2107
Footprints Colorado74
 JazzFake 122
For All We Know JazzFake 122
 NewReal3 122
For Every Man There's A Woman JazzFake 123
For Harry Carney JazzLTD126
For Heavens Sake Realbk1159
For Heavens' Sake RealBk387
For Miles And Miles JazzLTD124
For Minors Only RealBk2108
For Nenette EvansBk22
For Regulars Only JazzLTD128
For Sentimental Reasons JazzFake 124
For Stompers Only Library 46
For You For Me For Evermore JazzFake 124
Forest Flower Realbk1158
Forever NewReal2 107
Forgetful JazzLTD125
Fortune Smiles Realbk1160
Four Brothers JazzFake 125
 Library 47
Four In One JazzLTD117
Four Mothers Library 48
Four On Six NewReal1104
Four Others JazzFake 125
Four Winds Realbk1163
Four Colorado75
 JazzFake 123
 Library 49
Fox Hunt RealBk2110
Foxhorn Song JazzLTD131
Frank 'N Earnest Library 170
Frankie And Johnny JazzFake 126
Freckles Library 50
Freddie Froo RealBk2111
Freddie The Freeloader Realbk1164
Free Cell Block "F" RealBk2112
Free Wheeling JazzLTD130
Free RealBk2116
Freedom Jazz Dance NewReal2 110
Freedomland NewReal3 123
Freight Trane RealBk388
French Spice JazzLTD132
French Waltz RealBk389
Friday Night At The Cadillac Club NewReal2 111
Friday The 13th RealBk2114
Fried Bananas JazzFake 126
Friends And Strangers NewReal1105
Friends NewReal2 114
From Day To Day NewReal3 125
From Now On RealBk391
From This Moment On JazzFake 128
From the Heart RealBk392
Frosty The Snow Man JazzFake 127
Fruit (The) Library 40
Fudgesicle Built For Four EvansBk23
Full Moon and Empty Arms RealBk395
Fun Ride EvansBk26
Fun To Be Fooled JazzLTD127
Funk Dumplin RealBk2104
Funk In Deep Freeze JazzLTD133
Funkallero EvansBk28
Funky RealBk2116
Funny Man EvansBk29
Fuschia Swing Song JazzLTD133
G Waltz EvansBk30
Gail JazzLTD134
Games People Play RealBk2117
Gandolfo's Bounce JazzLTD134
Gary's Notebook JazzLTD136
Gary's Waltz Realbk1166
Gaslight JazzLTD135
Gaviota NewReal1109
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You JazzFake 128
Gemini NewReal1113
General Mojo's Well Laid Plan Realbk1168
Gentle Rain (The) NewReal3 128
Gentle Rain Colorado76
Gentle Wind And Falling Tear RealBk2118
Georgia On My Mind Colorado77
Georgia RealBk2119
Geraldine NewReal2 115
Gerry's Blues Library 173
Gertrude's Bounce NewReal2 117
Get Happy NewReal2 119
Get Out Of Town JazzFake 130
Get Ready NewReal3 129
Gettin' It Togetha RealBk2117
Getting To Know You JazzFake 130
Ghost Of A Chance (A) JazzFake 129
 NewReal3 132
Giant Steps Colorado78
 NewReal2 121
Giaruja NewReal1129
Gibraltar JazzLTD137
Giggin' And Drinkin JazzLTD139
Gina Library 175
Ginseng People JazzLTD138
Girl From Ipanema (The) JazzFake 132
Girl From Ipanema Colorado70
Girl Talk RealBk2122
Give Thanks Colorado80
Gloria's Step NewReal1118
Glory Of Love (The) JazzFake 133
Glow Worm (The) JazzFake 134
Gnid JazzLTD139
Gnu Blu RealBk397
Go JazzLTD140
God Bless The Child Realbk1173
God Bless' The Child JazzFake 131
Godchild Library 46
Goin' Home NewReal1119
Goin' Out Of My Head JazzFake 134
Golden Lady Realbk1174
Golden Notebooks RealBk2124
Gone With The Wind JazzFake 135
Good Bait JazzFake 136
 Library 51
Good Evening Mr. And Mrs.America Realbk1176
Good Life (The) JazzFake 136
Good Man Is Hard To Find (A) JazzFake 137
Good Morning Heartache NewReal1433
Good Spirits JazzLTD141
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat JazzFake 137
Goodbye Porkpie Hat Realbk1175
Goodbye RealBk3102
Goswell JazzLTD142
Got A Match NewReal2 122
Got A Match? RealBk3103
Got Eyes For You Colorado81
Grand Central NewReal3 133
Granted JazzLTD141
Green Dolphin Street Realbk1179
Green Mountains Realbk1180
Greene St. Caper JazzLTD143
Greensleeves JazzFake 138
Greenwich JazzLTD144
Gregory Is Here JazzLTD145
 NewReal2 123
Gringo (The) JazzLTD146
Groove Merchant RealBk2128
Groove Yard RealBk2129
Groovin High Colorado82
Groovin! High JazzFake 138
Groovin' High Library 55
Groovus Mentus Library 174
Groovy Samba RealBk2130
Grow Your Own Realbk1182
Growing NewReal2 126
Guatemala Library 174
Guess Who I Saw Today JazzFake 139
Guijira JazzLTD179
Gush NewReal3 135
Gypsy (The) JazzFake 140
H & H RealBk3112
H. And J. Library 63
Hackensack RealBk213
Half Dozen (The) Library 53
Half Dozens (The) JazzLTD147
Half Nelson JazzFake 140
 Library 51
Hallelujah I Love Him (Her) So JazzFake 141
Hallucinations Library 53
Hankerin Library 175
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe JazzLTD151
Happy Go Lucky Local (Night Train) Colorado83
Happy Little Sunbeam Library 52
Happy Talk JazzFake 143
Hard Eights NewReal3 139
Harlem Nocturne JazzFake 144
 NewReal2 127
Harlequin RealBk236
Harold's House Of Jazz JazzFake 142
Hassan's Dream Realbk1185
Haunted Ballroom NewReal1134
Haunted Heart JazzFake 144
Have You Met Miss Jones Colorado83
Have You Met Miss Jones? JazzFake 143
Havona NewReal1135
Hayseed JazzLTD153
 Library 177
Head And Shoulders RealBk2137
Heartsong RealBk3106
Heat Wave NewReal3 141
Heaven Realbk1187
Hello Dolly! JazzFake 145
Hello Young Lovers JazzFake 146
Hello Library 176
Henninger Flats Realbk1190
Herbstone Library 56
Here's That Rainy Day Colorado86
 JazzFake 147
Here's That Sunny Day RealBk2138
Hershey Bar Library 57
Herzog NewReal3 143
Hey There Realbk1194
Heyoke JazzLTD149
Hi Beck RealBk2141
Hi-Fly NewReal2 129
HiFly JazzFake 146
Hide And Seek Colorado87
Hideaway NewReal1139
High Fly Colorado89
High Hopes RealBk3108
High Society JazzFake 147
High Wire The Aerialist RealBk3110
Hip Bones Library 177
Hippy Library 179
Ho-Ba-La-La RealBk2142
Hocus Pocus RealBk2143
Hoe Down JazzLTD150
Hold On I'm Coming NewReal3 146
Hold Out Your Hand Realbk1195
Hold' Em Joe JazzLTD154
Homage JazzLTD152
Homestretch JazzLTD147
Homework JazzLTD153
Honeysuckle Rose Colorado91
 JazzFake 148
 NewReal2 134
Hooray For Love JazzFake 148
Horacescope NewReal2 135
Horizon RealBk2144
Hot House RealBk3113
Hotel Hello Realbk1198
Hotel Overture Realbk1196
Hotel Vamp Realbk1197
House Of Chan JazzLTD155
House Of Jade Realbk1201
How About You RealBk3114
How Deep Is The Ocean RealBk3115
How High The Moon JazzFake 149
How Insensitive JazzFake 150
How Long Has This Been Going On RealBk3116
How My Heart Sings Realbk1204
How Sweet It Is NewReal3 147
Hullo Bolinas Realbk1205
Hummin RealBk2147
Humpty Dumpty RealBk2148
Hypochtistmutreefuzz JazzLTD156
I Believe In You NewReal2 137
I Can't Get Started JazzFake 150
I Can't Give You Anything But Love JazzFake 151
I Cant Get Started Colorado92
I Cant Help It NewReal3 149
I Concentrate On You JazzFake 152
I Could Have Danced All Night JazzFake 153
I Could Write A Book JazzFake 153
I Cover The Waterfront JazzFake 154
I Cried For You JazzFake 154
I Didn't Know About You JazzLTD157
I Didn't Know What Time It Was JazzFake 155
I Don't Know Why (I just Do) JazzFake 156
I Fall In Love Too Easily Colorado93
 NewReal3 152
I Get A Kick Out Of You RealBk2158
I Get Along Without You Very Well JazzLTD160
I Got It Bad NewReal3 153
I Got Rhythm JazzLTD158
I Hadn't Anyone Till You NewReal2 140
I Hear A Rhapsody NewReal3 156
I Heard It Through The Grapevine NewReal3 157
I Know Don't Know How Library 59
I Left My Heart In San Francisco RealBk3121
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart Realbk1214
I Love Lucy JazzFake 158
I Love Paris JazzFake 159
I Love You Colorado94
 JazzFake 160
I Loves You Porgy JazzFake 159
I Mean You Colorado95
I Need YOU Here RealBk3122
I Only Have Eyes For You JazzLTD168
I Remember Bird JazzLTD161
I Remember Clifford JazzFake 160
I Remember Duke JazzFake 161
 Library 181
I Remember When (Si Tu Vois Me Mere) JazzFake 162
I Remember You Colorado97
I Should Care NewReal1145
I Surrender Dear JazzLTD167
I Thought About You NewReal2 141
I Thought About Your NewReal1146
I Waited For You JazzLTD174
I Wanted To Say NewReal3 161
I Will Wait For You RealBk2179
I Wish You Love RealBk3124
I Won't Be Back JazzLTD175
I Won't Dance JazzFake 166
I'll Always Be In Love With You JazzFake 163
I'll Be Around JazzFake 165
 NewReal2 145
 NewReal2 147
I'll Be Seeing You JazzFake 167
I'll Close My Eyes Colorado99
I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) JazzFake 167
I'll Get By NewReal2 148
I'll Never Smile Again JazzFake 168
I'll Remember April Colorado100
 JazzFake 168
I'll Take Romance JazzFake 170
I'll Walk Alone JazzFake 170
I'm A Pool To Want You RealBk2161
I'm Afraid Realbk1A6
I'm All Smiles NewReal1153
I'm An Old Cowhand Colorado101
I'm Beginning To See The Light JazzFake 169
I'm Confessin' That I Love You JazzFake 171
I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You RealBk2163
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You NewReal3 162
I'm Glad There Is You JazzFake 172
 NewReal2 153
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter JazzFake 172
I'm In The Mood For Love JazzLTD159
I'm Losing You NewReal3 163
I'm Old Fashioned Colorado102
 JazzFake 173
I'm Old Fasihoned NewReal1155
I'm On My Way JazzLTD171
I'm Sitting On Top Of The World JazzFake 174
I'm Through With Love NewReal3 165
I'm Your Pal Realbk1221
I've Found A New Baby RealBk2178
I've Got A Crush On You Colorado103
I've Got Rhythm Colorado104
I've Got The World On A String NewReal2 168
I've Got You Under My Skin JazzFake 175
I've Got Your Number NewReal2 169
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face JazzFake 174
I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face RealBk3140
I've Heard That Song Before JazzFake 178
I've Never Been In Love Before Colorado105
 NewReal2 172
III Wind RealBk3142
Icarus Realbk1206
Ice Cream Konitz RealBk2149
Ictus Realbk138
Ida Lupino Realbk1210
Idol Gossip RealBk2153
If Ever I Would Leave You JazzFake 176
If I Loved You RealBk2154
If I Should Lose You RealBk2155
If I Were A Bell JazzFake 177
If I were A Bell RealBk2156
If You Could See Me Now NewReal3 167
If You Never Come To Me NewReal1150
If s All Right With Me JazzFake 190
Ill Wind JazzFake 178
 NewReal2 150
Illuminados NewReal2 151
Imagination JazzFake 179
Impressions NewReal2 154
In A Capricornian Way RealBk3143
In A Cello Mood Library 179
In A Little Spanish Town JazzFake 180
In A Mellow Tone Colorado107
 NewReal3 170
In A Mist JazzLTD162
In A Sentimental Mood Colorado108
 NewReal3 171
In A Shanty In. Old Shanty Town JazzFake 182
In A Silent Way JazzFake 180
In And Out Colorado106
In April EvansBk20
In Case You Haven't Heard RealBk2164
In Case You Missed It NewReal3 173
In Don's Kitchen JazzLTD158
In Her Family RealBk3144
In Love In Vain RealBk3145
In Love With Night NewReal3 176
In Pursuit Of The 27th Man RealBk2167
In Salah JazzLTD165
In The Blue Of Evening JazzFake 182
In The Mood JazzFake 181
In The Nick Of Time Library 54
In The Still Of The Night JazzFake 183
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning NewReal2 156
In Walked Bud Colorado109
In Your Own Sweet Way NewReal2 157
In Your Quiet Place Realbk1233
In the Days of Our Love RealBk3146
Incentive RealBk2165
Inchworm Realbk1224
Indian Club Library 57
Indian Lady Realbk1225
Indian Summer RealBk3148
Indiana JazzFake 184
Inez JazzLTD163
Infant Eyes JazzFake 184
Inner Space JazzFake 184
Inner Urge NewReal3 177
Inside In Realbk1226
Inside Out Library 61
Intermission Riff JazzFake 185
Interplay EvansBk32
Intrepid Fox Realbk1231
Introspection JazzLTD166
Invisible (The) JazzLTD163
Invitation Colorado110
 NewReal3 179
Iris Realbk1236
Irv's At Midnight RealBk3149
Is It Really True? RealBk2171
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't JazzFake 188
Isabel The Liberator JazzLTD170
Isfahan NewReal2 160
Island Birdie RealBk2170
Isn't It Romantic Realbk1238
Isoar NewReal3 181
Isotope NewReal3 184
Israel Realbk1240
It Ain't Necessarily So JazzFake 186
It All Comes Back To You JazzLTD172
It Always Is NewReal3 185
It Could Only Happen With You JazzLTD164
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) NewReal2 161
It Don't Mean A Thing Realbk1241
It Had To Be You RealBk2173
It Happens Every Day JazzLTD169
It Might As Well Be Spring JazzFake 189
It Never Entered My Mind JazzFake 187
It could Happen To You RealBk2112
It's A Blue World JazzFake 190
It's A Raggy Waltz Realbk1242
It's All Right With Me RealBk3152
It's Love - It's Christmas EvansBk33
It's Magic JazzFake 192
It's Not For Me To Say JazzFake 191
It's Only A Paper Moon JazzFake 192
 NewReal2 162
It's Sand Man JazzFake 193
 Library 63
It's The Talk Of The Town JazzFake 194
It's Tim Talk Of The Town NewReal2 163
It's You Or No One For Me JazzLTD173
It's You Or No One Colorado111
It's You NewReal2 165
Jackie RealBk2179
Jackleg Library 180
Jaco RealBk2180
Jacob's Ladder NewReal2 173
Jaguar JazzLTD176
Jam For Your Bread Library 183
Jammin' At The Jazzworks Colorado112
Japanese Waltz RealBk3155
Jasmin Library 64
Jazz-Me Blues (The) JazzFake 195
Jazzbo's Haunt Library 65
Je Ne Sais Pas Library 65
Jean De Fleur NewReal3 189
Jeanie Library 182
Jeannie Colorado113
Jeannine JazzFake 197
Jeeps Blues Colorado315
Jelly Roll Blues JazzFake 196
Jelly Roll Realbk1243
Jersey Bounce JazzFake 198
Jeru JazzFake 197
 Library 67
Jim JazzFake 198
Jingle Bells Colorado260
Jingle-Bell Rock JazzFake 199
Jinrikisha Realbk1244
Jitterbug Waltz RealBk2184
Jive At Five Colorado114
 JazzFake 201
 Library 67
Jive Samba RealBk3157
Joanna JazzLTD177
Jodo JazzLTD180
Jody Grind RealBk2183
Joe Maini JazzLTD177
John's Waltz NewReal3 192
Johnny One Note JazzFake 200
Johnny's Theme JazzFake 201
Johnson Rag JazzFake 203
Joint Is Jumpin (The) NewReal2 473
Joint Is Jumpin' (The) JazzFake 202
Jolly Jumps In Library 181
Jolly Lodger Library 183
Jor Du JazzFake 203
Jordu Library 66
 NewReal2 175
Jorgie's RealBk2186
Joshua C. JazzLTD183
Joshua JazzLTD182
Journey To Recife Realbk1246
Joy Spring Colorado115
 Library 60
Joy To The World RealBk2188
Joyce's Samba RealBk2187
Juicy Lucy JazzLTD181
Juke Box Saturday Night JazzFake 204
Julian RealBk3162
Jump For Me Library 69
Jump Monk Realbk1250
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid JazzFake 204
Jumping With Symphony Sid Library 61
June 15th 1967 Realbk1252
June Is Bustin' Out All Over JazzFake 206
June Night JazzFake 205
Juntos NewReal2 177
Just A Few Library 62
Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' RealBk2191
Just Around The Corner Colorado117
Just By Myself JazzLTD184
Just Friends Colorado118
 NewReal3 193
Just In Time RealBk2192
Just One Of Those Things RealBk3160
Just Squeeze Me Colorado218
 NewReal3 194
Just The Way You Are RealBk2194
Just You Just Me NewReal3 196
K. C. Blues Library 81
Kahlil The Prophet NewReal3 197
Kaleidoscope JazzLTD187
Kary's France RealBk2196
Katrina Ballerina RealBk2197
Keep That Same Old Feeling NewReal1167
Kelo Realbk1A5
Kentucky Oysters RealBk2198
Kicker (The) RealBk2198
Kids Are Pretty People RealBk2199
Kiki And Mingus JazzLTD185
Killer Joe Colorado119
 JazzFake 207
 NewReal2 179
Killing Me Softly With His Song NewReal1170
King Porter Stomp JazzFake 208
Knit for Mary F. EvansBk34
Knock On Wood NewReal3 199
Ko Ko JazzFake 207
Kryptonite JazzLTD185
L'il Darlin' JazzFake 209
La Fiesta Realbk1254
La Mesha JazzLTD189
La Mucura Library 71
La Nevada Blues RealBk2206
La Samba NewReal1171
La Vida Feliz NewReal1173
Ladies In Mercedes RealBk3164
Lady Be Good! RealBk2271
Lady Bird Library 71
Lady Day JazzLTD188
Lady Is A Tramp (The) JazzFake 209
Lady Is A Tramp RealBk3166
Lady J JazzLTD190
Lady McGowan's Dream Library 69
Lady Sings The Blues JazzLTD188
Lady's Blues RealBk2201
Ladybird Colorado120
Lakes RealBk2202
Lament Realbk1257
Land Of Make Believe Colorado121
Lands End JazzFake 210
 Library 185
Landslide JazzLTD192
Las Vegas Tango Realbk1258
Last First NewReal1179
Last Nite NewReal3 203
Last Page (The) RealBk2204
Last Season NewReal3 207
Last Time I Saw Paris (The) JazzFake 210
Last Train From Overbrook NewReal1181
Laugh! Clown! Laugh! JazzFake 211
Laura Colorado122
Laurie (The Dream) EvansBk36
Laurie JazzLTD194
Lazy Afternoon JazzFake 212
Lazy Bird Realbk1259
Leap Of Faith RealBk3168
Lee Library 75
Lees Dance JazzFake 217
Left Alone JazzLTD192
Left Bank Library 72
Leila RealBk2207
Lennie's Pennies JazzFake 212
Lennie-Bird RealBk2227
Leroy The Magician Realbk1260
Lester Leaps In RealBk2209
Lester Left Town JazzFake 211
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! JazzFake 213
Let Me Be The One NewReal1183
Let The Good Times Roll JazzFake 214
Let There Be Love JazzFake 214
Let There Be You JazzFake 215
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off JazzFake 216
Let's Call This JazzLTD196
Let's Cook One RealBk2210
Let's Fall In Love JazzFake 218
 NewReal2 180
Let's Get Away From It All JazzFake 218
Let's Go Dancin' NewReal1185
Lets Eat Colorado123
Lets Stay Together NewReal3 213
Letter To Evan EvansBk39
Li'l Darlin RealBk3169
Liberated Brother RealBk2211
Licea JazzLTD195
Lie Awake Realbk1261
Lies RealBk2212
Life Is just A Bowl Of Cherries JazzFake 217
Light As A Feather RealBk2213
Light Blue JazzLTD195
Like A Lover NewReal2 181
Like Father Like Son NewReal2 183
Like No Other Colorado124
Like Someone In Love JazzFake 219
Like Sonny NewReal2 185
Lil's Paradise JazzLTD197
Lillie Library 184
Limbo RealBk2206
Limehouse Blues Colorado125
Limelight JazzFake 220
 Library 73
Line For Lyons JazzFake 220
 Library 73
Linger Awhile JazzFake 221
Lion's Den JazzLTD200
Lisa (Feldman) JazzLTD201
Lisa (Montolieu) JazzLTD200
Lisa NewReal2 188
Litha NewReal3 215
Little B's Poem Realbk1266
Little Boat Colorado120
 JazzFake 222
Little Chicago Fire RealBk2215
Little Duet (A) Library 70
Little Face RealBk3172
Little Girl Blue JazzFake 223
Little Girl JazzFake 222
Little Linda JazzLTD186
Little Melonae JazzLTD196
Little Niles JazzFake 223
Little Rootie Tootie RealBk2409
Little Sheri JazzLTD202
Little Sunflower Colorado126
Little Susan JazzLTD204
Little Sweet(A) JazzLTD5
Little Taste(A) Library 182
Little Tear (A) NewReal1190
Little Waltz NewReal1191
Little Willie Leaps JazzFake 224
 Library 74
Little Wind NewReal2 189
Liturgy Realbk1268
Local 802 Blues Library 111
Local Blues Library 111
Locomotion Colorado127
Lodgellian Mode JazzLTD206
Lone Jack RealBk2218
Lonely Dreams Library 187
Lonely Town JazzLTD207
Lonely Woman JazzFake 224
 NewReal3 217
Long Ago & Far Away Colorado128
Long Ago (And Far Away) JazzFake 225
Long Ago And Far Away NewReal1192
Long As You Know You're Living Yours Realbk1271
Long View (The) RealBk3176
Long Yellow Road JazzLTD208
Lonnie's Lament Realbk1273
Look At The Birdie NewReal3 219
Look For The Silver Lining JazzFake 225
Look To The Sky Realbk1274
Looking Back Realbk1275
Loop (The) RealBk378
Loose Bloose EvansBk40
Loose Ends NewReal2 191
Lost In The Stars JazzFake 226
Lost Love JazzLTD210
Lost JazzLTD209
Lot Of Livin' To Do (A) JazzFake 227
Lotus On Irish Streams RealBk379
Loud-Zee RealBk3180
Louise JazzLTD211
Louisiana JazzFake 228
Love Came On Stealthy Fingers NewReal1193
Love Dance JazzLTD212
Love For Sale Colorado129
Love Letter NewReal3 222
Love Poem JazzLTD203
Love Vibrations RealBk2225
Love Walked In JazzFake 236
Love's Haunts NewReal3 223
Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?) JazzFake 233
Lover Man RealBk2224
Lover RealBk2221
Lovers Rain Dance RealBk3181
Loxodrome NewReal2 194
Lucky Southern Realbk1276
Lullaby In Rhythm NewReal3 228
Lullaby Of Birdland JazzFake 234
 Library 77
Lullaby Of The Leaves JazzFake 231
 NewReal2 195
Lulu's Back In Town RealBk3185
Luminescence JazzLTD205
Lunar Tune RealBk2408
Lunarcy JazzLTD214
Lush Life JazzFake 232
Lydian April RealBk2226
Lydian Dream JazzLTD215
Lyresto JazzLTD213
MI Boj A Samba RealBk3194
Macpherson Struts Again JazzLTD216
Mad About Him Sad Without Him JazzFake 235
Mad About The Boy JazzFake 237
Madagascar NewReal1199
Mademoiselle Mabry JazzLTD217
Madison Avenue JazzLTD216
Magician In You The Realbk1280
Mahjong NewReal2 196
Maid In Mexico JazzLTD218
 Library 77
Maiden Voyage NewReal3 229
Maidens Of Cadiz JazzLTD220
Majoong Realbk1286
Make Me A Memory (Sade Samba) NewReal1202
Make Someone Happy JazzFake 238
Makin' Whoopee RealBk3186
Malaguena JazzFake 238
Mallet Man Realbk1282
Mamacita Colorado130
 NewReal3 231
Mambo Del Crow Library 75
Man Facing. North NewReal3 235
Man I Love (The) RealBk2229
Man In The Green Shirt Realbk1284
Man That Got Away (The) JazzFake 240
Man JazzLTD221
Mandala RealBk3188
Manha De Carneval NewReal2 197
Manhattan JazzFake 240
Manteca RealBk2410
Maple Leaf Rag JazzFake 243
Margerine JazzLTD223
Margie JazzFake 236
Marie Antoinette Colorado131
Marilia JazzLTD224
Marionette JazzLTD222
Marmaduke JazzFake 242
Martians Go Home Library 185
Mary's Blues JazzLTD223
Masquerade RealBk2230
Masqularo JazzLTD218
Matinee Idol NewReal1203
Mating Call JazzLTD219
Matrix RealBk3190
Maxine EvansBk42
May Dance Realbk1287
May-Reh RealBk2231
May-Rey Library 76
Mayreh RealBk3191
Mean Lene JazzLTD226
Mean To Me Colorado132
 JazzFake 244
 NewReal2 201
Mean You NewReal1143
Meaning Of The Blues RealBk3192
Meditation JazzFake 244
Meditaton Colorado133
Meet Mr. Gordon Library 139
Mellophone Mambo Library 81
Mellow Mood RealBk2232
Memo To Maurice JazzLTD226
Memo's Blues Library 59
Memories Of Tomorrow Realbk1289
Memories Of You JazzFake 245
 NewReal2 202
Memphis In June JazzFake 246
Memphis Underground Realbk1305
Menina Flor RealBk2234
Mercy Mercy Mercy JazzFake 242
Merry Christmas Baby JazzFake 247
Metamorphosis NewReal3 239
Mevlevia Realbk1290
Michele's Meditation Library 187
Michelle Realbk1292
Midgets Library 189
Midland NewReal2 203
Midnight Blue JazzFake 248
Midnight Mood Realbk1293
Midnight Silence NewReal3 243
Midnight Sun JazzFake 250
 Library 78
Milano Realbk1294
Miles Ahead JazzFake 250
Miles Mode Colorado197
Milestones JazzFake 249
Mine Is Yours NewReal2 205
Minha Saudade JazzLTD228
Minor Blues Library 81
Minor Mishap RealBk2237
Minor Mood RealBk2238
Minor Strain JazzLTD225
Minor Swing JazzFake 251
Minor's Holiday Library 186
Minority Colorado134
Miss Ann (I & 2) JazzLTD229
Miss Jackies Delight Library 189
Miss Premise Colorado135
Misterioso Library 189
Misty JazzFake 252
Miyako Realbk1297
Mo' Joe NewReal2 207
Moak's Shop RealBk2239
Moanin' RealBk2240
Modadji NewReal1209
Modesty Blues RealBk2241
Mohawk JazzFake 252
 Library 83
Molten Glass Realbk1298
Moment To Moment RealBk3198
Moment's Notice NewReal2 211
Moments Notice Colorado136
Monk On The Run NewReal3 245
Monk's Mood NewReal1212
Monk's Sphere RealBk2243
Monkey's Uncle NewReal1213
Monking Business JazzLTD232
Monks Dream JazzLTD233
Monster & The Flower RealBk3200
Montage Realbk1300
Monti Celli Library 190
Mood For Maude JazzLTD236
Mood Indigo Colorado137
 NewReal2 214
Moon And Sand NewReal3 249
Moon Germs Realbk1302
Moon Glow RealBk2244
Moon Love JazzFake 253
Moon Rays JazzFake 253
Moonchild Realbk193
Moonglow JazzFake 254
 NewReal3 252
Moonlight And Roses JazzFake 255
Moonlight Bay JazzFake 254
Moonlight Cocktail JazzFake 256
Moonlight In Vermont Colorado136
 JazzFake 256
Moonlight On The Ganges JazzFake 255
Moonlight Serenade NewReal3 254
Moonrays NewReal2 215
Moontide NewReal2 219
Moontrane Colorado139
Moose The Mooche JazzFake 257
More I See You(The) Realbk1303
More Love NewReal2 225
More Than You Know JazzFake 258
 NewReal2 475
More JazzFake 258
Mornin' NewReal1219
Morning Dance JazzLTD234
Morning Sprite NewReal2 229
Morning Colorado140
Morpo JazzLTD219
 Library 85
Motel Library 85
Moten Swing JazzFake 261
Moten's Swing RealBk2249
Mother Of The Dead Man Realbk1304
Motion Library 79
Mountain Greenery RealBk3204
Move Library 84
Movin' Along JazzLTD235
Movin' In Movin'Out JazzLTD237
Moving Out RealBk2251
Mozambique NewReal2 231
Mr. Broadway Theme From RealBk2252
Mr. Clean NewReal1223
Mr. Gone NewReal1225
Mr. Jin Realbk1A7
Mr. Jones RealBk2253
Mr. Kenyata JazzLTD230
Mr. Magic RealBk2254
Mr. Misha And Little Lilly JazzLTD231
Mr. P.C. Colorado141
 NewReal2 234
Mr. Sims RealBk2255
Mrs. Miniver RealBk2256
Ms. P & P Colorado142
Muddy In The Bank Colorado143
Muezzin RealBk3205
Muezzin' RealBk2257
Mumbles Colorado144
My Attorney Bernie NewReal1227
My Baby Just Cares For Me Colorado145
My Bells EvansBk44
My Favorite Things JazzFake 260
My Flamingo JazzFake 119
My Foolish Heart JazzFake 260
My Funny Valentine Colorado146
 JazzFake 259
My Girl NewReal3 255
My Heart Belongs To Daddy JazzFake 262
My Heart Stood Still RealBk3208
My Ideal JazzLTD238
My Little Boat Realbk1309
My Little Suede Shoes JazzFake 262
 Library 86
My Mama Don Tol' Me JazzLTD238
My Man's Gone Now JazzFake 264
My Melancholy Baby JazzFake 265
My Monday Date JazzFake 263
My Old Flame Colorado147
My One And Only Love Colorado148
 JazzFake 266
My Prayer JazzFake 267
My Romance Colorado149
 JazzFake 268
My Shining Hour Colorado150
 JazzFake 267
My Ship JazzFake 268
 NewReal2 235
My old Flame RealBk2259
Myako JazzLTD237
Mysterious Traveler Realbk1312
Mystic Touch RealBk2243
Mystique JazzLTD239
Myth JazzLTD239
N.Y.C.'s No Lark EvansBk46
Naima Colorado151
 NewReal2 238
Nancy Joe RealBk2265
Nancy With The Laughing Face JazzLTD241
Napanoch NewReal2 239
Nardis Colorado152
 JazzFake 269
Natural Selection NewReal2 244
Nature Boy Colorado153
Neal's Blues RealBk3209
Nearness Of You RealBk2261
Nearness Colorado154
Nefertiti JazzFake 269
Nerfertiti Colorado155
Never Alone NewReal2 251
Never Givin' Up NewReal1233
Never Let Me Go RealBk3210
Never Make Your Move Too Soon NewReal1237
Never Said (Chan's Song) NewReal3 257
Never Will I Marry NewReal2 253
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)! JazzFake 270
New ""Frankie And Johnnie Song (The)" JazzFake 270
New Bag Blues JazzLTD242
New Boots NewReal3 259
New Thing RealBk2262
New York Afternoon JazzFake 272
Newcomer JazzLTD243
Next Future NewReal3 261
Nica's Dream Colorado157
 JazzFake 271
 NewReal2 255
Nica's Tempo JazzLTD244
Nice 'N Easy RealBk3211
Nice Work If You Can Get It JazzFake 272
Nick's Knacks Library 79
Nigerian Marketplace NewReal1239
Night And Day Realbk1320
Night Dreamer NewReal2 260
Night Has A Thousand Eyes Realbk1322
Night In Tunesia(A) Library 3
Night In Tunisia(A) Colorado9
 JazzFake 275
Night Lake NewReal1240
Night Life Library 80
Night Train (Happy Go Lucky Local) Colorado83
Night Train JazzLTD240
Night We Called It A Day RealBk3212
Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square(A) JazzFake 274
 NewReal2 261
Nightmood (Leinbra) NewReal2 263
Nights At The Turntable JazzLTD236
 Library 89
Nimbus Realbk1323
Nippon Soul JazzFake 276
No Me Esqueca NewReal1241
No Moe RealBk2264
No Moon At All JazzFake 276
 NewReal2 478
No More Blues JazzFake 82
No Splice RealBk2268
No Ties JazzLTD245
 Library 89
No Way Out NewReal3 263
No. 251 Library 191
Nobody Else But Me RealBk3214
None But The Lonely Heart JazzFake 277
Nonsequence Realbk1324
North Atlantic Run RealBk2266
Nostalgia In Times Square Realbk1326
Not Ethiopia NewReal1243
Not Really The Blues Library 193
Nothing Personal NewReal1245
November 68th JazzLTD247
November Afternoon JazzLTD246
Now He Beats The Drum-Now He Stops RealBk3215
Now He Sings Now he Sobs RealBk3216
Now He Sings JazzFake 278
Now Is The Time Colorado156
 Library 90
Now's The Time JazzFake 279
Nowhere To Run NewReal3 267
Nuages JazzLTD248
Number 4 JazzLTD249
Number 6 RealBk3217
Nutty Pine Library 188
Nutville NewReal2 265
O Go Mo Library 91
Oblivion Library 191
Obsequious JazzLTD249
Ode To A Flugelhorn Colorado159
Ode To Tee Doo Da Day NewReal2 269
Off Flow NewReal3 269
Off Minor Library 192
Off To The Races Library 193
Offshore Colorado160
Oh Lady Be Good Colorado161
Oh No JazzLTD252
Oh Play That Thing Library 194
Oh What A Beautiful Mornin' JazzFake 280
Oh You Crazy Moon JazzLTD251
Oh! Look At Me Now JazzFake 279
Oh! What It Seemed To Be JazzFake 280
Oh! You Beautiful Doll JazzFake 282
Ol' Man River JazzFake 281
Old Devil Moon Colorado162
 JazzFake 282
Old Folks RealBk3218
Ole NewReal2 275
Oleo Colorado163
 JazzFake 284
Olhos De Gato Realbk1328
Olinoqui Valley Realbk1A8
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) JazzFake 283
On A Clear Day RealBk2273
On A Little Street In Singapore JazzFake 294
On A Misty Night Colorado164
On A Slow Boat To China JazzFake 286
On Green Dolphin Street Colorado165
 NewReal3 273
On The Quee-Tee JazzLTD255
On The Scene Library 195
On The Sly RealBk3220
On The Stairs RealBk2277
On The Street Where You Live JazzFake 285
On The Sunny Side Of The Street JazzFake 286
 NewReal2 277
On The Trail Colorado167
Once I Loved Colorado168
Once In A While NewReal2 278
Once In Awhile RealBk2274
Once Upon A Summertime JazzFake 287
One Bird One Stone NewReal3 275
One By One JazzFake 292
One Family NewReal1251
One Finger Snap NewReal3 280
One Foot In The Gutter Colorado169
One For Daddy-O Library 195
One For Helen EvansBk47
One For My Baby JazzLTD250
One For My Baby(And One More For The Road) NewReal1253
One Mint Julep JazzFake 288
One Note Samba JazzFake 289
One Note Sambaa Colorado170
One With One JazzLTD254
Onion Bottom Library 91
Only Child EvansBk48
Only You Know RealBk3224
Ontet Library 92
Ooo Baby Baby NewReal3 281
Open Country JazzFake 290
 Library 93
Open Your Eyes You Can Fly Realbk1332
Opener (The) EvansBk50
Oppornockity Tunes But Once JazzLTD255
Opus 3 (Charles Mingus) JazzLTD256
Opus 4 (Charles Mingus) JazzLTD257
Opus De Funk Library 82
 NewReal3 283
Opus One JazzFake 291
Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress JazzLTD258
Orbit (Unless It's You) EvansBk51
Orbit JazzLTD259
Orbits Realbk1334
Orchids In The Moonlight JazzFake 292
Organ Grinder JazzLTD260
Organ Grinder(The) JazzFake 293
Original Untitled Ballad JazzLTD260
Ornithology JazzFake 293
 Library 93
Our Delight Colorado171
Our Love Is Here To Stay RealBk2279
Our Man Higgins Man JazzLTD263
Out A Day NewReal3 285
Out Back Of The Barn RealBk2280
Out Back JazzLTD261
Out Of Nowhere Realbk1336
Out Of Somewhere Library 94
Out Of The Night JazzLTD261
Out Of This World NewReal1255
Out There JazzLTD263
Out To Lunch JazzFake 294
Out JazzLTD261
Outlaw (The) JazzLTD262
Over The Rainbow NewReal3 287
Ow Colorado172
 Library 97
Ow! RealBk3230
Oye Como Ya RealBk2403
Oz NewReal1257
P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing) NewReal1281
Palermo Walk Library 196
Palo-Alto RealBk282
Pamela's Passion JazzLTD264
Panhandle Hook RealBk3232
Pannonic RealBk2281
Papa Lips NewReal1259
Paper Doll JazzFake 294
Parisian Thoroughfare JazzLTD266
Parisienne Thorofare Library 95
Parker 51 JazzLTD268
Parker's Mood JazzFake 294
Part-Time Lover NewReal3 289
Partido Alto NewReal1261
Party's Over (The) JazzFake 293
Pass It On JazzLTD270
Passion Dance Realbk1337
Passport RealBk3234
Pat 'N' Chat JazzLTD267
Pats New Samba JazzLTD265
Patterns RealBk284
Patti-Cake Library 197
Patz Blues RealBk3235
Paul's Pal JazzFake 297
 Library 196
Pawnee Junction JazzLTD270
Peace Piece EvansBk52
Peace Colorado173
 NewReal2 280
Peaches 'N Cream JazzLTD269
Peaches En Regalia Realbk1338
Peanut Vendor (The) JazzFake 298
Pearlie's Swine Realbk1341
Pedro's Time JazzLTD269
Pee Wee Realbk1342
Peel Me A Grape JazzFake 299
Peep NewReal2 281
Peg JazzLTD272
Peggy's Blue Skylight Realbk1343
Pendulum NewReal3 293
Pennies From Heaven JazzFake 296
Penny Arcade RealBk287
Pensativa Realbk1344
Pent Up House Colorado174
Pent-Up House Library 212
People Will Say We're In Love JazzFake 300
People JazzFake 300
Perdido Line RealBk290
Perdido Colorado175
 JazzFake 301
 NewReal2 287
Peresina JazzLTD271
Perfect Love Jamala Realbk1A9
Perhaps JazzFake 301
Peri's Scope EvansBk53
 NewReal2 288
Pernod Library 197
Pesky Serpent (The) Library 97
Pete's Meat Library 198
Petite Fleure RealBk293
Petits Machins RealBk294
Pfrancing (No Blues) Realbk1348
Pfrancing Colorado126
Phase Dance RealBk296
Philly Mignon JazzLTD264
Picadilly Lilly RealBk3239
Pick Yourself Up JazzFake 302
Picture Of Health JazzLTD273
Pimlico Library 203
Ping Pong JazzLTD274
Pinocchio Realbk1349
Pirouette Library 98
Pithycanthropus Erectus Realbk1350
Plain Jane Realbk1A10
Played Twice JazzLTD273
Playground JazzLTD275
Plaza Real NewReal1267
Plight JazzLTD276
Ploinciana RealBk3240
Poinciana (Song Of The Tree) JazzFake 302
Point Of Return RealBk3241
Polka Dots And Moonbeams Colorado176
 JazzFake 304
Polkadots And Moonbeams NewReal1273
Pompton Turnpike JazzFake 303
Pools JazzFake 305
Poor Butterfly RealBk3242
Popo Library 99
Port Rico Rock JazzLTD277
Portrait Of Jennie RealBk2298
Portrait Of Tracy NewReal1275
Portsmouth Figurations Realbk1352
Pot Luck Library 99
Powder Puff Library 101
Power Play NewReal2 289
Pragression RealBk2299
Preacher (The) JazzFake 306
 Library 82
Prelude To A Kiss NewReal3 294
Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody(A) RealBk3243
Prime Rib Library 107
Prince Albert JazzLTD278
 Library 87
Prince Of Darkness JazzLTD265
Prism RealBk3244
Prodefunctus Library 100
Prologue EvansBk54
Promenade NewReal1277
Promise NewReal3 295
Punjab NewReal3 297
Pure Imagination RealBk3245
Pursuance RealBk2300
Pussy Cat Dues Realbk1355
Put It Where You Want It NewReal1279
Put On A Happy Face JazzFake 305
Put Your Little Foot Right Out JazzFake 306
Pyramid JazzLTD279
 NewReal3 299
Quartet No. 2 Part 2 JazzLTD280
Quasimado Library 101
Quasimodo JazzFake 308
Question Mark NewReal3 302
Quick Step JazzLTD283
Quicksilver Library 87
 NewReal2 293
Quiet Fire JazzLTD281
Quiet Girl NewReal2 295
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) JazzFake 309
Quiet Now EvansBk56
 JazzFake 307
Quiet Place(A) NewReal2 301
Quintessence NewReal1283
Quintile JazzLTD282
R.F.K. JazzLTD288
R.J. JazzLTD293
Ragamuffin Library 103
Rahsaan's Run RealBk3246
Rain In Spain (The) JazzFake 310
Rain Waltz NewReal2 303
Rain JazzFake 310
Rainbow Seeker JazzLTD285
Raincheck JazzFake 312
Rainland NewReal3 303
Ramblin' RealBk2307
Random Thoughts JazzFake 311
Rapture NewReal1284
Rapuzel JazzLTD292
Rattler's Groove Library 199
Raven (The) Realbk1357
Re-Re RealBk3247
Re: Person I Knew EvansBk60
Re; Person I Knew RealBk3248
Reach Out; I'll Be There NewReal3 309
Ready Rudy JazzLTD284
Real Guitarist Realbk1358
Real Life NewReal3 311
Rebel Without A Cause JazzLTD284
Recado Bossa Nova Colorado177
Receipt Please JazzLTD283
Recorda-Me Colorado178
Recordame Realbk1359
Red Clay Realbk1362
Red Cross JazzFake 314
Red Door (The) JazzFake 312
 Library 95
Red Sails In The Sunset JazzFake 313
Red Top JazzFake 314
Red's Blues NewReal3 314
Reflections JazzLTD286
Reincarna11on Of A Lovebird NewReal1287
Reincarnation Blues JazzLTD286
Reincarnation Of A Lovebird Realbk1360
Relaxin Colorado179
Relaxin' At Carmarillo RealBk3249
Relentless NewReal3 315
Remark You Made RealBk2304
Remember Hymn NewReal2 308
Remember Rockefeller At Attica JazzLTD287
Remembering The Rain EvansBk61
Resolution Realbk1363
Resonant Emotions JazzLTD288
Respect NewReal3 317
Retsim B JazzLTD289
Revelation JazzFake 316
 NewReal3 319
Reverie JazzLTD290
Rhyth-A-Ning Colorado180
Rhythm-A-Ning JazzLTD297
Richards Tune JazzLTD289
Rick's Tricks Library 96
Riddles NewReal3 323
Rio JazzLTD291
Riot JazzLTD291
Ritual NewReal3 325
River People NewReal1294
River JazzFake 315
Riviera Library 201
Road Song Realbk1A12
Robbin's Nest NewReal1297
Robbins' Nest JazzFake 316
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody JazzFake 317
Rocker JazzLTD294
 Library 107
Rockin' Chair JazzFake 318
 NewReal2 309
Room 608 JazzFake 317
 Library 202
Rosetta JazzFake 318
 NewReal2 310
Rosewood RealBk3250
Rotation JazzLTD295
Rouge JazzLTD296
Round Midnight Colorado181
 JazzFake 322
Round Trip RealBk2307
Route 4 JazzLTD296
Route 66 JazzFake 319
Royal Garden Blues JazzFake 320
Rubberneck Library 103
Ruby My Dear JazzLTD297
Ruby JazzFake 322
 NewReal3 327
Rush Hour NewReal1301
Russ job Library 109
Rustic Hop Library 109
S-H-I-N-E JazzFake 321
S.O.S. JazzFake 323
SOS JazzLTD312
Sabra JazzLTD298
Sack 0' Woe JazzLTD298
Sack Of Woe Colorado163
 JazzFake 324
Sad Eyes JazzLTD299
Sadiga JazzLTD299
Safari JazzLTD300
Saga Of Harrison Crabpeathers Realbk1365
Sail Away NewReal3 329
Sailing At Night NewReal2 311
Saint James Infirmary Colorado199
Saint Thomas JazzLTD303
Salt Peanuts Colorado185
 JazzFake 324
Salute To Charlie Christian Library 105
Salute To The Bandbox JazzLTD301
Sam's Tune Library 203
Samantha's Bossa Colorado186
Samba De Orfeu JazzFake 326
Samba De Orpheus Colorado187
Samba Du Bois RealBk2311
Sambacide RealBk3258
Same Shame Realbk1366
Sandu Colorado188
Sans Souci JazzLTD302
Santurce RealBk3256
Sascha's Tune Colorado189
Satellite Colorado190
Satin Doll Colorado191
 JazzFake 324
Saturday Night Fish Fry JazzFake 326
Save Your Love For Me NewReal1309
Scene Is Clean (The) RealBk2411
Schizophrenia JazzLTD304
Scotch 'N' Soda Realbk1368
Scotch And Water JazzLTD305
Scourn' JazzLTD305
Scrapple From The Apple Colorado192
 JazzFake 327
Scrapple The Apple Library 110
Sea Journey NewReal2 313
Seabrook Revisited RealBk3259
Search For Peace NewReal1312
Seaside Library 105
Second Hand Rose JazzFake 325
Secret Love Colorado195
Section Blues Library 205
Seeds Of Sin JazzLTD306
Seems To Me RealBk3262
Self Portrait In 3 Colors Realbk1372
Self Portrait In Three Colors NewReal1313
Semblence Realbk1373
Send One Your Love JazzLTD309
Senor Blues JazzFake 328
 Library 204
 NewReal2 315
Sentimental jorney JazzFake 329
September In The Rain RealBk2313
September Song JazzFake 330
 NewReal2 318
Serenade To A Bus Beat JazzFake 331
Serenade To A Bus Seat Library 200
Serenade To A Cuckoo Realbk1377
Serenade To A Soul Sister RealBk2316
Serenata JazzLTD308
 NewReal3 333
Serene RealBk2315
Serenity RealBk2319
Sermonette JazzFake 330
 Library 205
Serpent's Tooth RealBk3263
Seven Come Eleven JazzFake 332
Seven Steps To Heaven Colorado193
 NewReal2 319
Seventeen West RealBk2317
Seventh Avenue JazzLTD313
Sextet Library 117
Sey40r Mouse Realbk1374
Shades Of Light Realbk1380
Shadow Of Your Smile Realbk1381
Shake Rattle And Roll JazzFake 332
Shaker Song NewReal1315
Shaky Jake JazzLTD310
Shank's Pranks Library 111
Shaw 'Nuff NewReal1317
Shaw Nuff RealBk3264
Shawnuff JazzFake 333
She's Funny That Way JazzFake 334
Sheba Colorado196
Sheik Of Araby (The) JazzFake 336
Shifting Down Colorado197
Shiny Stockings JazzFake 338
Shirley JazzLTD311
Shivers JazzFake 335
Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy JazzFake 336
Short Count JazzLTD311
Short Politician JazzLTD312
Short Riff RealBk2356
Short Stop Library 102
Short Story NewReal3 337
Show-Type Tune EvansBk62
Shutter Bug RealBk2322
Si Si Library 114
Sid's Ahead JazzLTD312
Side By Side) JazzFake 337
Sidewinder Realbk1382
Signal Library 113
Silver's Serenade Colorado196
 NewReal2 321
Silverware Library 206
Simbah Library 83
Simone RealBk2321
Simple Matter Of Conviction (A) EvansBk64
Simple Samba NewReal1319
Simple Waltz Colorado199
Since We Met EvansBk66
 NewReal3 339
Sing Me Softly Of The Blues NewReal2 326
Sing No Blues JazzLTD326
Sippin' At Bell's RealBk2325
Sister Sadie JazzFake 338
Sixth Sense JazzLTD314
Skating In Central Park Realbk1384
Skippy JazzLTD315
Skippy-Ing NewReal2 327
Sky Dive JazzLTD316
Skylark JazzFake 339
Skyliner JazzFake 340
Sleepin' Bee NewReal1322
Sleeping Bee RealBk2412
Sleepy Bop Library 115
Slipped Disc RealBk2326
Slow Boat To China Colorado200
Slow; Hot; Wind RealBk2328
Slowly Gone Bygone Realbk1385
Small Day Tomorrow NewReal1323
Small World JazzFake 340
Smatter Colorado201
Smile Please NewReal3 342
Smile Colorado202
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes JazzFake 343
Smoke Rings JazzFake 342
Smooth One (A) JazzFake 344
Snapper Colorado203
Sno Peas JazzLTD317
Snowfall JazzFake 341
So Dolt JazzLTD318
So In Love RealBk3270
So Many Stars NewReal2 329
So Near So Far JazzLTD319
 NewReal3 343
So Nice (Sumer Sumamba) JazzFake 344
So Sorry Please Library 115
So What JazzFake 345
Social Call Colorado204
Soft Shoe Library 112
Soft Winds Colorado205
 JazzFake 346
Softly As A Morning Sunrise RealBk2330
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Colorado200
Solar Colorado207
 JazzFake 343
 Library 207
Solitude JazzFake 346
 NewReal3 346
Solo Flight JazzFake 348
Some Day My Prince Will Come JazzFake 348
Some Enchanted Evening JazzFake 347
Some Nerve RealBk3272
Some Of These Days JazzFake 350
Some Other Blues Colorado208
 NewReal2 332
Some Other Time Realbk1389
Some Skunk Funk Realbk1390
Someday My Prince Will Come Colorado211
Someone To Light Up My Life NewReal2 333
Someone To Watch Over Me RealBk2331
Something Different JazzLTD318
Something Everywhere JazzFake 350
Something For Lisa Library 104
Something From Everyone RealBk3273
Sometime Ago Realbk1392
Sometimes I'm Happy JazzFake 351
Somewhere Before JazzLTD313
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Colorado209
Son Of Mr. Green Genes Realbk1396
Song For Bilbad RealBk2332
Song For Helen EvansBk65
Song For Lorraine NewReal1327
Song For My Father Colorado212
 JazzFake 353
 NewReal2 335
Song For My Lady RealBk2317
Song For Nicholas(A) Colorado11
Song For Sisyphus RealBk3274
Song Is You (The) JazzFake 352
Song Is You Realbk1395
Song Of The Islands JazzFake 352
Song Realbk1393
Songbird (Thank You for Your Lovely Song)JazzFake 349
Sonja's Sanfona NewReal1331
Sonny Boy JazzFake 354
Sonny Side Library 106
Sonny Speaks Library 117
Sonnymoon For Two Colorado205
Soon RealBk3277
Soothsayer (The) JazzLTD320
Sophisticated Lady Colorado213
 NewReal2 337
Sorcerer (The) JazzLTD323
Sorcerer Realbk1398
Soul Eyes JazzFake 353
Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara) NewReal1335
Soul Surge JazzLTD323
Soultrane RealBk2334
Sound Down JazzLTD324
Sound For Sore Ears(A) Colorado12
Sound Lee RealBk2335
Sound Track JazzLTD324
South Of The Border JazzFake 355
South Street Exit JazzLTD325
Southern Comfort JazzFake 354
Space Circus Part 1 Realbk1400
Space Circus Part 2 Realbk1402
Spacemen Colorado214
Spain JazzFake 357
 NewReal2 339
Speak Like A Child NewReal3 347
Speak Low Colorado215
 JazzFake 356
Speak No Evil Colorado217
Spectacular Library 207
Spiral Dance Realbk1405
Spiral NewReal1337
Spirit Samba RealBk3278
Split Kick Library 121
Spontaneous Combustion Library 114
Sporty JazzLTD325
Sposin' JazzFake 323
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most JazzFake 358
 NewReal2 341
Spring Is Here NewReal3 349
Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year JazzFake 359
Squeeze Me Colorado218
 JazzFake 360
Squirrel (The) Library 118
Squirrel Colorado93
St. Thomas Colorado65
 JazzFake 357
 Library 146
Stablemates NewReal2 343
Stairway To The Stars JazzLTD333
 NewReal3 350
Star Dust Colorado219
Star Eyes Colorado220
 NewReal3 351
Star-Crossed Lovers Realbk1407
Stardust JazzLTD307
 NewReal2 345
Stargazer NewReal2 347
Stars Fall On Alabama RealBk3285
Stars Fell On Alabama NewReal3 354
Stay As Sweet As You Are JazzFake 361
Steepian Faith NewReal3 355
Steeple Chase RealBk3286
Steeplechase JazzFake 360
Stella By Starlight Colorado221
Step Lightly NewReal3 357
Stepping Stone JazzLTD328
Steps Realbk1409
Sticks And Stems Library 127
Sticks Colorado223
Sticky Wicket NewReal141
Still NewReal2 350
Stockholm Sweetnin JazzLTD309
Stockholm Sweetnin' JazzFake 362
Stolen Moments Colorado224
Stompin' At The Savoy Colorado225
 JazzFake 362
 NewReal3 359
Stop Time Library 208
Stopstart JazzLTD329
Stormy Weather JazzFake 363
Story Line EvansBk68
 NewReal2 351
Straight Ahead JazzLTD330
Straight Life RealBk2343
Straight No Chaser Colorado156
Straight Street JazzLTD331
Straight Up And Down (Corea) JazzLTD332
Straight Up And Down (Dolphy) JazzLTD314
Strange Fruit JazzFake 364
Strangers In The Night JazzFake 364
Strayhorn 2 RealBk2344
Street Life NewReal1245
Street Louis Blues RealBk2342
Street Of Dreams NewReal3 360
String Of Pearls (A) JazzFake 366
Strode Rode RealBk2345
Strollin NewReal2 353
Strollin' Colorado226
Struttin' With Some Bar-B-Q RealBk2347
Struttin' With Some Barbeque JazzFake 366
Stuff Realbk1413
Stuffy JazzFake 365
Sub Aqua NewReal3 361
Sub-Conscious-Lee RealBk2348
Sudden Samba NewReal1348
Sudwest Funk Library 208
Sues Changes JazzLTD335
Sugar Foot Stomp JazzFake 368
Sugar Colorado227
 JazzFake 368
 NewReal3 366
Summer In Central Park NewReal2 357
Summer Knows (The) RealBk2350
Summer Night JazzLTD334
Summer Samba Realbk1415
Summer Setting Library 125
Summer Time RealBk2323
Summertime Colorado228
 JazzFake 370
Sunday Kind Of Love (A) JazzFake 369
Sunny Side Of The Street Colorado229
Sunny Side Up JazzFake 367
Sunny RealBk3289
Sunrise Serenade JazzFake 370
Sunrunner NewReal1349
Sunshine Express RealBk2351
Sunshower JazzLTD336
Super Blue NewReal3 367
Surf Ride Library 123
Surrey With The Fringe On Top (The) JazzFake 372
Suspended Sentence JazzLTD337
Swedish Pastry Library 108
Swedish Schnapps Library 116
Sweeping Up Realbk1200
Sweet And Lovely JazzFake 372
 NewReal2 360
Sweet Basil JazzLTD338
Sweet Clifford Library 209
Sweet Eloise JazzFake 374
Sweet Georgia Bright Realbk1417
Sweet Georgia Brown RealBk2353
Sweet Henry Realbk1418
Sweet Lorraine NewReal3 369
Sweet Love NewReal3 371
Sweet Pea JazzLTD337
Sweet Rain Realbk1419
Sweet Sue Just You JazzFake 371
Sweetest Sounds(The) RealBk2352
Swing Dentz Swing RealBk3292
Swing House JazzFake 373
 Library 119
Swing Shift RealBk3294
Swing Until The Girls Come Home Library 126
Swingin' Shepherd Blues RealBk2323
Swingin' The Blues JazzFake 376
Swingin' Until The Girls Come Home JazzFake 375
Swinging Shepherd Blues JazzFake 374
Swinging The Blues Library 125
Sy Clone RealBk3295
Syeeda's Song Flute RealBk2354
Syn-Anthesia JazzLTD310
T'aint Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do JazzFake 377
T'aint What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It) JazzFake 378
T.B.C. (Terminal Baggage Claim) NewReal2 361
T.J.R.C. RealBk3296
T.N.T. Colorado230
Tadd's Delight RealBk2357
Tahiti Library 123
Tailgate Ramble (The) JazzFake 380
Take Five Realbk1420
Take The "A" Train NewReal1351
Take The 'A' Train Colorado231
 JazzFake 379
Take it To The Ozone JazzLTD342
Taking A Chance On Love NewReal3 373
Taking A Chance on Love RealBk2358
Tamalpais Library 137
Tame Thy Pen JazzLTD340
Tangerine Colorado232
Tank Toon JazzLTD341
Taps Miller Library 127
Taste Of Honey (A) JazzFake 379
Tasty Pudding Library 131
Tautology RealBk2360
Tea For Two RealBk3298
Teach Me Tonight Colorado233
Tee Pee Time Colorado234
Teenie' Blues RealBk2361
Teeter Totter JazzLTD342
Tell Me A Bedtime Story Realbk1424
Tenderly JazzFake 381
Tenor Madness Colorado141
Terry's Chance JazzLTD343
Teru JazzLTD343
That Artt He's All Heart JazzLTD344
That Girl JazzLTD346
 NewReal3 375
That Old Feeling (Standard Version) NewReal3 380
That Old Feeling NewReal3 381
That's All JazzFake 380
 NewReal2 363
That's Earl Brother JazzLTD345
That's Entertainment JazzFake 382
That's Life JazzFake 383
That's Right JazzLTD345
That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout Colorado235
That's What I'm Talking About Library 126
The Blessing JazzLTD34
The Boy Next Door NewReal2 34
The Disguise The Sphinx Realbk1A4
The Duke NewReal2 79
The Goodbye Look NewReal1125
The Island NewReal1159
The Jitterbug Waltz NewReal3 191
The Lamp Is Low NewReal3 202
The Masquerade Is Over NewReal2 199
The Midnight Sun Will Never Set NewReal1208
The Midnight Sun NewReal1207
The Natives Are Restless Tonight NewReal2 241
The Necessary Blonde NewReal2 245
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Colorado236
The Night We First Met Colorado237
The Promise NewReal2 292
The Second Time Around NewReal3 332
The Shadow Of Your Smile NewReal3 336
The Song Is You Colorado238
The Star-Crossed Lovers NewReal2 344
The Tender Storm Colorado239
The Theme Colorado240
The Thin05 We Did Last Summer Colorado241
The Three Marias NewReal1359
The Tracks Of My Tears NewReal3 399
The Way You Look Tonight NewReal1395
Their's Tears RealBk3307
Theirs Tears RealBk2363
Them There Eyes NewReal2 365
Theme (The) Library 131
Theme (What You Gave) EvansBk70
Theme For Ernie NewReal1354
Theme For Kareem JazzLTD347
Theme From Maxine RealBk3302
Theme From Mr. Broadway RealBk2252
Theme Of No Repeat JazzLTD348
Then Came You EvansBk71
Then I'll Be Tired Of You RealBk3303
Then Silk Blue JazzLTD258
There 15 No Greater Love Colorado243
There Are Such Thing JazzFake 384
There Goes My Heart RealBk3304
There Is No Greater Love JazzFake 386
 NewReal2 366
There Will Never Be Another You Colorado242
 JazzFake 384
There'll Be Some Changes Made JazzFake 386
There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York JazzFake 385
There's A Lull In My Life NewReal3 383
There's A Small Hotel JazzFake 387
Thermo JazzFake 390
These Foolish Things (ReMind Me Of You) RealBk2364
These Foolish Things JazzFake 388
These Things Called Changes EvansBk72
They All Laughed JazzFake 389
They Can't Take That Away From Me JazzFake 390
They Didn't Believe Me JazzFake 391
They Say It's Wonderful RealBk3306
Things Ain't What They Used To Be Colorado235
Things TO Come RealBk2366
Things We Did Last Summer (The) JazzFake 392
Think Of One JazzLTD349
Think On Me Realbk1428
Thinking Of You Colorado245
Thinking Out Loud Colorado246
Third Floor Richard JazzLTD349
This Can't Be Love JazzFake 392
This Cant Be Love RealBk3309
This I Dig Of You Colorado247
This Is New Colorado248
 NewReal3 386
This Is The Thing JazzLTD351
This Love Of Mine) JazzFake 394
This Lovely Feeling JazzLTD351
This Masquerade JazzLTD353
This Reminds Me Of You Library 132
Three And One RealBk3310
Three Base Hit RealBk2413
Three Flowers Realbk1429
Three Hearts Dancing NewReal2 367
Three Little Words NewReal2 373
Three Views Of A Secret NewReal1367
Thrill Is Gone (The) JazzFake 394
Thriving From A Riff JazzFake 393
Thriving On A Riff Library 129
Thumb The) JazzLTD354
Thumper (The) RealBk2356
Thursdays Theme JazzLTD354
Thyme's Time RealBk3312
Tickle Toe JazzFake 395
 Library 124
Tickle-Toe RealBk2369
Tidal Breeze Colorado249
Tiffany EvansBk74
Til There Was You NewReal2 374
Till There was You RealBk2370
Time After Time Colorado250
Time For Love(A) RealBk3315
Time Marches On NewReal2 375
Time Remembered EvansBk76
 JazzFake 395
 NewReal2 378
Time Remembers One Time Once NewReal1369
Time Tracks NewReal2 379
Time Was RealBk3318
Times Lie RealBk3316
Timewisely JazzLTD341
Tin Roof Blues JazzFake 396
Tiny Capers Library 135
 NewReal3 387
Tiny's Blues JazzLTD356
Tippin' RealBk2372
Tis Autumn JazzFake 398
Tis RealBk3320
Tishomingo Blues JazzFake 396
To Kill A Brick RealBk3321
Toad's Place RealBk2374
Together JazzFake 397
Togetherness NewReal2 383
Tokyo Dream NewReal3 389
Tom Thumb JazzLTD357
Tomato Kiss JazzLTD356
Tommyhawk Library 122
Tomorrow's Destiny RealBk2373
Tones For Joan's Bones JazzFake 398
Too Close For Comfort RealBk3322
Too Dam Hot JazzFake 400
Too High JazzLTD358
 NewReal3 393
Too Marvelous For Words RealBk3323
Tootsie Roll JazzLTD357
 Library 133
Topsy Library 135
Toshiko's Elegy JazzLTD359
Totem Pole JazzLTD360
Touch Of Your Lips (The) JazzFake 400
Touch Of Your Lips RealBk3324
Tough Talk Realbk1433
Tour De Force JazzLTD361
Toy Tune NewReal3 398
Train Samba Realbk1434
Trance Realbk1435
Trane's Blues RealBk2376
Trav'lin Light JazzFake 404
Travelin' West JazzLTD361
Travisimo Library 137
Tribute To Brownie Library 210
Trickleydidlier Library 136
Tricrotism RealBk3325
Trinkle Tinkle JazzLTD362
Triple Play JazzLTD363
Triste Colorado251
Tristeza NewReal2 386
Trumpet. Blues Library 128
Truth NewReal2 387
Tune 88 RealBk3326
Tune Up Colorado207
 JazzFake 403
 Library 211
Tune-Up Realbk1437
Tunji NewReal2 389
Tunnel Vision NewReal2 391
Turbo JazzLTD362
Turn Around RealBk2377
Turn Out The Stars EvansBk78
 NewReal2 397
Turn Your Love Around NewReal1373
Turnstile Library 129
Tuxedo junction JazzFake 399
Tuzz's Shadow NewReal3 401
Twelve More Bars To Go JazzLTD347
Twelve Tone Tune (T.T.T.) EvansBk81
Twisted JazzFake 402
Two Bass Hit JazzLTD364
Two Lonely People (The) EvansBk84
Two Not One RealBk2378
Un Poco Loco JazzFake 404
Undecided JazzFake 405
Under A Blanket Of Blue JazzFake 406
Undercurrent JazzLTD365
Unforgettable JazzFake 406
 NewReal2 399
Unit 7 JazzLTD365
Unit Seven Colorado252
Unless Its You (Orbit) NewReal2 400
Unquity Road Realbk1439
Until The Real Thing Comes Along JazzFake 408
Up Jumped Spring Colorado253
Up With The Lark NewReal1381
Upper Manhattan Medical Group Realbk1441
Used To Be A Cha-Cha NewReal3 403
Utter Chaos JazzFake 408
Valdez In The Country JazzLTD366
Valse Hot JazzFake 10
 Library 146
Valse Trists JazzLTD367
Van Lingle Mungo JazzFake 407
Variations On The Scene JazzLTD367
Vashkar Realbk1442
Veils NewReal2 402
Velas (Velas Icadas) NewReal1383
Velho Plano NewReal2 403
Venus De Milo JazzLTD368
Very Early EvansBk88
 JazzFake 410
Very Thought Of You (The) RealBk3329
Vicky's Dream JazzLTD369
Violets For Your Furs JazzFake 409
Virgo Realbk1444
Visa Library 14
Viscosity JazzLTD371
Visit (The) JazzLTD370
Vonetta (Earl Klugh) JazzLTD372
Vonetta RealBk2379
Voyage Colorado254
Wabash III NewReal2 405
Wagon Wheels JazzFake 412
Wail RealBk3331
Wait Till Forever JazzLTD375
Wait Till You See Her JazzFake 411
Walk Don't Run Library 139
Walk Of The Negress NewReal3 406
Walk Tall RealBk2382
Walkin Library 211
Walkin' My Baby Back Home JazzFake 412
Walkin' Shoes JazzFake 413
 Library 133
Walkin' Thing (A) RealBk2381
Walkin' Up EvansBk90
Walkin' Colorado255
 JazzFake 411
Wall Street RealBk2383
Wall-Eye Blues RealBk3332
Walter L. Realbk1447
Waltse For Dave NewReal2 407
Waltz For A Lovely Wife Realbk1449
Waltz For Debby EvansBk91
 JazzFake 414
Waltz For Derby Realbk1450
Waltz For Ellington Colorado257
Waltz In Eb EvansBk96
Waltz New NewReal1389
Waltz Realbk1448
Waltzin' Realbk1451
Waltzing Matilda Colorado256
Warm Valley NewReal3 407
Watch What Happens JazzFake 414
Water Babies JazzLTD373
Water Colors RealBk2385
Watermelon Man Colorado260
Watersign RealBk2386
Waterwings NewReal1391
Wave Colorado261
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans JazzFake 416
Way To Go JazzLTD373
Way You Look Tonight (The) JazzFake 415
Way You Look Tonight(The) RealBk2388
We Kiss In A Shadow JazzFake 418
We Will Meet Again EvansBk97
We'll Be Together Again NewReal1399
Weary Blues JazzFake 417
Weaver Of Dreams Colorado262
Weaver Of Dreams(A) NewReal1398
Webb City RealBk2414
Wee Dot JazzFake 417
Wee JazzLTD374
 NewReal3 408
Wee-Dot JazzLTD377
 Library 138
Weekend Blues RealBk2389
Well You Needn't (Miles Version) Colorado264
Well You Needn't (Monks Version) Colorado263
Well You Needn't JazzFake 419
Well You Say You Will NewReal2 423
Wendy RealBk2390
Wes Side Stroll RealBk3336
West Coast Blues NewReal1401
West End Blues JazzFake 420
West What RealBk257
Western Reunion JazzFake 416
 Library 139
Westwood Walk JazzFake 418
 Library 141
What 15 This Thing Called Love Colorado265
What A Diff'rence A Day Made JazzFake 422
What A Difference A Day Made NewReal2 410
What A Little Moonlight Can Do NewReal2 411
What A Wonderful World JazzFake 422
What Am I Here For Realbk1456
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life NewReal3 409
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your LifeRealbk1457
What Is This Thing Love Realbk1460
What Kind Of Fool Am I RealBk3338
What Kind Of Fool Am I? JazzFake 424
What Was Realbk1458
What's Going On? NewReal3 411
What's Love Got To Do With It NewReal3 413
What's New Colorado266
 JazzFake 421
What's New? NewReal1402
Whatever Possessed Me JazzLTD375
When All Is Said And Done NewReal2 413
When I Fall In Love JazzFake 423
When I Look In Your Eyes NewReal3 415
When Lights Are Low Library 141
 NewReal3 417
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street JazzFake 421
When Sunny Gets Blue Realbk1462
When The Sun Comes Out RealBk3339
When You Meet Here JazzLTD376
When Your Lover Has Gone JazzFake 424
Whenever Your Heart Want's To Sing NewReal2 415
Where Are You Realbk1463
Where Are You? NewReal3 419
Where Flamingos Fly JazzFake 425
Where Is Love Colorado267
Where Is Love? JazzFake 426
Where Or When Colorado268
 JazzFake 427
Where You At JazzLTD378
While We're Young JazzFake 429
 NewReal2 419
Whisper Not Colorado269
 JazzFake 426
 NewReal2 421
Who Can I Turn To RealBk2394
Who Can I Turn To? JazzFake 430
Who Cares? JazzLTD379
Who's Got Rhythm JazzFake 428
Who? JazzFake 428
Whopper (The) RealBk2395
Whose Blues Library 145
Why (Lewis) JazzLTD381
Why (Wilder) JazzLTD380
Why Did I Choose You RealBk3344
Why Do I Love You? JazzFake 430
Wild Flower Realbk1464
Wildflower NewReal1405
Will I You Still Be Mine RealBk3345
Will You Still Be Mine JazzFake 431
 NewReal2 425
Willie Nillie JazzLTD382
Willow Weep For Me JazzFake 434
Willow NewReal2 427
Wind (The) Library 142
Wind Bag Library 140
Wind Sprint NewReal2 429
Windows NewReal2 432
Wings Of Karma Realbk1468
Wise One JazzLTD382
 NewReal2 433
Wish For Now Colorado270
Witch Hunt Realbk1469
Witchcraft JazzFake 433
With A Little Bit Of Luck JazzFake 432
With Every Breath I Take RealBk3347
Without A Song NewReal2 479
Wonder Why JazzLTD383
Woodchopper's Ball JazzFake 429
Woody'n You (Algo Bueno) Colorado271
Woody'n You NewReal2 436
Words NewReal2 437
Work Song Colorado260
 JazzFake 434
Work JazzLTD383
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (The) JazzFake 433
Wouldn't it Be Loverly JazzFake 436
Wow RealBk2397
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams JazzFake 436
 NewReal2 481
Wrong It Right RealBk2398
Wrong Together Colorado272
X-Stream JazzLTD31
Xlento JazzLTD384
Yama JazzLTD389
Yana Amina RealBk2400
Yardbird Suite Colorado273
 JazzFake 435
 Library 143
Yeah JazzLTD384
Yearnin JazzLTD385
Yellow Fields JazzLTD388
Yes And No NewReal1408
Yes Indeed JazzFake 437
Yes Or No JazzLTD392
Yes Yes Honey Library 143
Yesterday Realbk1472
Yesterdays JazzFake 439
Yet Ne'er Broken EvansBk98
Yo Yo Library 144
You & The Night & The Music RealBk3349
You And I And George Colorado274
You Are So Beautiful NewReal3 420
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Realbk1474
You Are Too Beautiful Realbk1475
You Better Go Now JazzFake 439
You Better Leave It Alone RealBk2399
You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) JazzFake 440
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis JazzFake 438
You Can't Go Home Again JazzLTD386
You Do Something To Me RealBk3350
You Don't Know What Love Is Realbk1476
You Fascinate Me So NewReal2 441
You G0 To My Head Colorado275
You Go To My Head RealBk3352
You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) JazzFake 440
You Make Me Feel So Young RealBk3351
You Must Believe In Spring NewReal3 421
You Say You Care NewReal2 483
You Stepped Out Of A Dream NewReal3 423
You Took Advantage Of Me Realbk1477
You Turned The Tables On Me JazzFake 442
You JazzLTD385
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To JazzFake 441
You'll Never Believe Colorado276
You'll Never Walk Alone JazzFake 446
You're Everything NewReal2 443
You're My Everything JazzFake 442
 NewReal2 447
You're My Thrill JazzLTD389
You're The Cream In My Coffee JazzFake 443
You've Changed NewReal3 424
Young And Fine JazzLTD386
Young And Foolish JazzFake 444
Young At Heart JazzFake 444
Young Love JazzFake 445
Young One For Debra JazzLTD390
Young Rabbits NewReal1410
Younger Than Springtime JazzFake 447
Your Mind Is On Vacation NewReal1411
Your Story EvansBk100
Yours Is My Heart Alone Colorado277
Zaybar JazzLTD391
Zephyr Colorado276
Zoom JazzLTD393
in The Mode Library 58
just In Time JazzFake 206
silver's Serenade RealBk2320